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How to get in touch with us:

Looking for a reliable and skilled partner for your garden? Then you’ve come to the right place !


Vitthal Bernd Füchte
Bairro do Livramento, Cx.P.581-E
8800-102 Luz de Tavira
Algarve / Portugal

Tel/Fax: (+351) 289 147 638
Mobil:    (+351) 914 109 370

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We’re always there for you!


Who does what ?

Vitthal Bernd Füchte (2nd right) is a qualified landscape architect. Owner/Manager of VitalGarden since 1996. Responsibilities: planning, logistics, estimates, supervision, consultation, accommodating clients’ wishes.

João Pedro Sousa (far right) has been with VitalGarden since 1997. Speaks fluent English and always has a smile on his face. João knows plants and irrigation systems inside out and is responsible for the Garden Maintenance section.

Ramirez Cabrita (middle) has been with us since 2001. Considerate, prudent, thoughtful – a true father figure! Ramires has extensive experience with all kinds of machines, construction and staff management. A foreman par excellence. Indispensable!

Mohammed Karzazi (2nd left) has been a member of the team since 2006. Mohammed is a patient powerhouse and an experienced all-rounder in the garden.

Eva Maria Bauer (left) joined the team in 2011. Always quick with a joke and a smile, Eva brings a loving, female eye for detail to the team.