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Looking for a reliable and skilled partner for your garden? Then you’ve come to the right place !


Vitthal Bernd Füchte
Bairro do Livramento, Cx.P.581-E
8800-102 Luz de Tavira
Algarve / Portugal

Tel/Fax: (+351) 289 147 638
Mobil:    (+351) 914 109 370

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Our team works for you all the time, but especially when you are absent! This means that when your holidays roll around, you can enjoy your garden in undisturbed silence and marvel at the abundance of flowers. Mowing lawns, weeding, pruning, tree maintenance and felling, irrigation control, pest control, cleaning … All these tasks are part of our day-to-day operations.

Joao Pedro

Your partner for all your garden maintenance enquiries.

Joao speaks fluent English.
Mobil: (+351) 91 788 605