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Vitthal Bernd Füchte
Bairro do Livramento, Cx.P.581-E
8800-102 Luz de Tavira
Algarve / Portugal

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Our team works with specialist companies on pool-construction with a difference. Clients are free to choose the shape of their pool, lining or tiling, illumination, heating and other elements. Our range of solutions includes pool covers, rails for easy access, and, of course, a full range of products and equipment to help keep the water clean.

Painstaking design makes it possible to find room for a generous seating area, an outside shower, a BBQ and a pool with a waterfall surrounded by lush tropical plants in even a modest courtyard (55 m2). All the pool equipment is tidily tucked away under worktop by the sink.

Have you exceeded the limit on impermeable construction? No problem! We build open pool terraces with perfect drainage out of natural stone slabs laid in gravel. The organic idiom creates a comfort zone that seamlessly integrates the pool house, outdoor shower and cosy benches.

Courtyards become particularly beautiful and bewitching if they feature arcades with natural pillars, floor tiling with interesting divisions and comfortable benches. Add in water features, plants and illumination to create unmistakable and distinctive character. Detail: the striped lemon tree is a very special feature for such settings, providing shade, an almost intoxicating scent and unique fruit.